Heathrow escorts Olivia is really into role playing sword fights

My first date with Olivia is kind of extended. It was like, we met each other at a party, then when I knew she is from Heathrow Escorts I booked her and then we went and got coffee, and then a few hs later, we met up and went to a concert.

I haven’t done, necessarily, a ton of role play in the sexy department. However, I think she is a rather adept role player, just generally speaking. ‘Cause you know, she have her weekly Dungeons and Dragons game and swordfights, yes she is fund of computer games also, she says it keep her mind more focus and she is really into sword fighting. and I’m kind of nervous, and I have a bunch of different ideas, and I don’t know, like, I’m excited to try on costumes. I am excited about the idea of meeting an expert and just trying the whole thing out. I don’t really know what I am doing. So she suggested to get an expert advice on roleplaying.

So we have now the expert who said to help us to really connect with our authentic selves, and to really look at our fantasies and our passions. One way of doing this is just, you know, she give us some costumes, you know, something fun and superficial, or we have a real opportunity to tap into what I like to call people’s core erotic mythologies. I feel like our core erotic personas are actually truest selves, and the rest of life is role play. So for those who don’t know what role play is, it is when you pretend you’re a character, sometimes it’s hard to suspend y disbelief because you know you’re really not that naughty nurse or that schoolgirl, so what we’re going to be doing is actually tapping into where you feel y truest selves lie, the things that may have been influenced by either the literature, the movies that we were exposed to as we were growing up or the game that we were playing and for her it is sword fighting. So, I’m wondering, like, how do you walk the line between taking on a character but not getting so lost in the character that you lose sight of, like, yourself in that process, since it’s supposed to be, like you were saying, a part of us?

Have you ever seen a movie where you identified so much with a character on screen? It’s that sense of familiarity in another character where it almost feels truer than the things that the world is telling you about yourself. We just have to go to the headspace that you go to when you masturbate, and that’s super personal, and it can be really scary to let other people in there. I thought it was, like, a lot more light, and, like, fun, but this sounds, like, really serious.

It’s an opportunity for the two of you to really get to know one another on a really intimate and really personal level. Really, any person can probably see the appeal in being a character like this, a sword slashing / fighting heroine like character. All right, so we got some really good stuff going on here. And she really took the role seriously and didn’t tell me anything, and it was so fucking awesome, the suspense of a girl handling a swordplay is just unimaginable to this day of age.

When we got home, we were in my apartment, and we immediately put on some period-appropriate music. We realized we were going to need some alcohol for this whole situation. I grabbed her by the shoulders, and I said to her, “Listen, I’ve got a confession to make. “I’ve never actually been with a woman.” She said, “Oh, don’t you worry, my prince. “I know just what to do.” I took that as a cue that it was time for the lady samurai to really show me around.

We’re in the bedroom, he’s leaning back on the bed, I’m straddling him, and then I try to use my beads as Arden had told me, into, like, kind of a handcuff situation, so I, like, I don’t know, I just kind of made it up, and then I think I get it nice and secure. As things got a little more intimate, we noticed that the character started to fade away and kind of shed its skin. We both went about this whole thing with an open mind and a spirit of fun. She is super committed to a character, and she’s not gonna give up. I can kind of see that as, like, a metaphor for relationship.